Please note, I am painfully aware of the destruction of our planet and I do all I can to change my own behaviour for its protection.
This means I will no longer voice commercials of unsustainable companies. 
Of course, I am happily voicing commercials for companies who do what they can to protect our wonderful planet 🙂 


‘Never Really Me’ by Silvia Berndt
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Vampirya – Rain & Aiden’ by Chaela
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Zu Weihnachten ein Millionär’ by Patricia Casale
Miss Motte AUDIO

‚How The Tiger Got His Stripes And The Water Buffalo Lost His Upper Teeth’ by Thuy Le-Scherello

‚Wie der Tieger seine Streifen bekam und der Wasserbüffel seine Oberzähne verlor‘ by Thuy Le-Scherello

‘Sabers Herausforderung – Die Allianz Band 4‘ by S.E.Smith
Sheer Audio
‘Den Cyborgs Ausgeliefert’ by Grace Goodwin
Sheer Audio
‘Malavita Springs – Dämonenherz’ by Grace C. Stone
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Wolfsprinzessin der Vampire – Der Verrat‘ Band 2 by Mirjam Kul
Miss Motte AUDIO
‚Daggers Hoffnung – Die Allianz Band 3‘ by S.E. Smith
Sheer Audio
‚Razors Herz – Die Allianz Band 2‘ by S.E. Smith
Sheer Audio
‚Hunters Entscheidung – Die Allianz Band 1‘ by S.E. Smith
Sheer Audio
‘Der kleine Stickladen in den Highlands‘ by Susanne Oswald
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Wolfsprinzessin der Vampire – Das Bündnis‘ Band 1 by Mirjam Kul
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘The Dark Secrets Club 2’ by Angelina Conti
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘The Black Kitten Club 2’ by Angelina Conti
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Hunter’s Entscheidung – Die Allianz Band 1‘ by S.E. Smith
Sheer Audio
‘Second Chance’ by Rose Bloom
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘The Diamond Deal’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Treat Me Daddies – Halloween Daddies 4’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Royal Mistake – Royal Daddies 4’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘All Those Ugly Lies’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Tied to Hate – The Moretti Family 2’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Naughty Daddies – Christmas Daddies 4’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO
‘Vengeance is His’ by Mia Kingsley
Miss Motte AUDIO


‘The Walking Dead’ (Carol)
STIL Musik & Hörspiel GbR
‘Wie aus Pille doch noch ein berühmter Pirat wurde’ (supportive roles)
Bärenbude WDR (Radio)


2 commercials
three commercials
‘Deutsche Bank’
Internal use
Coda Studios
‘The Game of China’
Game ad, internal use
Legendary Units
Online ad (English & German version)
‘Deutsche Bank’
Internal use
Coda Studios
Spotify Spot
SNK Studio, London
‘Bose Headphones’
Multiple Spotify Spots
SNK Studio, London
‘Google Liners’
Online Ad
A5 Studio, London
‘The Artful Dog’
Online ad
SNK Studio, London
Spotify spot
SNK Studio, London
‘DRV Spots’
Insignio – Young Talent Program
Online ad
A5 Studio, London
‘Chio Chips’
Radio spot
Online ad
SNK Studio, London
‘DRV spots’
Insignio – Ausbildungsoffensive
‘NIKE – Better for it’ (German version)
7 commercials for Radio, Internet, Spotify, TV & Radio
‘DRV Spots’


2020 – on going
Superbuch (Bibel TV) – Gizmo
2019 – 2020
Kundali Baghya (Zee One) – Kritika (198 Episodes)
2019 – 2019
Kaleerein (Zee One)  – Nimmo
2017 – on going
When Calls The Heart (Lionsgate / Hallmark Channel)  – AJ, Hattie & Opal Season 2-6
Razia Sultan (Zee One) – Razia (170 Episodes)
Ogre (WOWNow Entertainment) – Cupcake
Father’s Day (WOWNow Entertainment) – Jellyfun
Pilgrim’s Progress (Cat In The Mill Studio) – Christiana
Jumbo (Dream Machine Animation) – Tiny
Bilal (Barajoun Entertainment) – supportive roles
Nutcracker Sweet (Aronnax Animation Studio) – Marie
The Movie Eps. 1-12 (Playtone) – Julianne Moore, Dana Stevens
To Hell and Back (Masterfully Macabre Entertainment) – Paula
Die Liebe, die heilt – Professor Moscati – Arzt und Engel der Armen (Teil 1 & 2)  (Bibel TV) – Elena 
Laila Manju (Balaji Telefilms) – Laila (lead)
Super Singh (Brat Films) – Cathy 
Christmas on the Coast (INSP Films) – Marian
Luz – The Flower of Evil (Afasia Films) – Leila
Paradise Z – The Two Of Us (Kaos Entertainment) – Sylvia (lead)
Trick (Trix 2019)- Cheryl
Artik (TLG Motion Picture) – Flin
Minor characters
Cobra Kai – Season 1 (Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions) 
Videoman (World of Film) 
Mommy Would Never Hurt You (The Asylum) – Riley (lead)
The Witch Files (Cocksure Entertainment) – Greta
Rent an Elf (The Asylum) – Ava (lead)
Faith under Fire (Topanga Productions) – Kendra
Gully Boy (Excel Entertainment) – Albina & Minor Characters
Faith, Hope & Love (Ellinas Mulimedia) – Gia
Halloween At Aunt Ethel’s (Hwak 9 Productions) – Mandy
The Huntress: Rune of the Dead (ITN Films) Runa
Book of Monsters (Dark Rift Films) – Sophie (lead)
Jackie Chan – Police Story 1 & 2 (new dub) (Golden Way Films Ltd) – May
Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (Soundrya Productions) – Poonam, Bindu
San Andreas Mega Quake (The Asylum) – Christine
Quarries (Quarries Group) – Kat (lead)
Little Women (Main Dog Productions) – Amy (lead)
Adult Babies (Mitchell-Brunt Films) – Barbara
Tooth Fairy (IDT Entertainment) – Shannon & Tooth Fairy
Amityville Murderers (Skyline Entertainment) – Allisson
Caller (Tiger Eyes Media) – Cheryl
Seizure (Quickfoot Media) – Girl (lead)
Hornet (Dual Vision) – Toni Cooper
Hellbound (PB&J Productions) – Jane
Indivisible (Provident Films) – Amanda
Fukrey Returns (Excel Entertainment) – Katty
The Restaurante (Hayride Film) – Janice
Minor characters
Censor (UGC Pictures)
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab (Tips Films Pvt. Ltd)
Hell Girl (Branded Films)
ISHQ forever (Friday Cine Entertainment)
Robosapien (Arc Productions) – Robo (lead)
Alien Siege (The Asylum) – Colonel Smith
Atlantic Rim (The Asylum)  – Dachs
Because of Grace (Check The Gate Productions)  – Amy
Curse of the Nun (High Octane Pictures) – Claire
Deadliest Pray (Night Claws Productions) – Candy
Extraordinary (The WTA Group) Jenny
Extremity (Dark Elegy Films)- Junge Allison
Flying Guillotin 2 (Arc Entertainment) – Tien Sin
Flying Guillotin 3 (Arc Entertainment) – Jin Shaozhi
Immortal Wars (Carcass Studios) – Angie
Involution (Monomania Films) – Liv
King Arthur (Tiberius Film)- Anwen
Megalodon (The Asylum) – Munos
Miracle on Christmas Lake (GREEN Productions) – Maggie
Palm Swings (Code Blue Pictures) – Jennifer
Partner (Eros International) – Nikki
Qarib Qarib Singlle (Zee Studios) – Anjali
The Revenge of Robert the Doll (North Bank Entertainment) – Esther
Robin Hood – Mary
Tirassic World (The Asylum) – Diana (lead)
Robert 3: The Toymaker (North Bank Entertainment) – Esther
Viking Blood (Fluxform Entertainment) – Brynhild
Saving Christmas (Camfam Studios) – Jake
Minor characters
A Total Frat Movie (Emerge Entertainment)
Battalion (Pott Street Pictures)
Beginner’s Guide to Snuff (Anthem Films)
Bolshoy (Marmot-Film)
Frontier (Tiberius Film)
God’s not Dead (Pure Flix Productions)
Let There Be Light (LTBL Productions)
6-Headed Shark Attack (The Asylum)
Maximum Impact (Hollywood Storm)
Mercy Christmas (No Mercy Pictures)
No Smoking (Big Screen Entertainment)
Poorna (Raay Media)
Puppet Master The Littlest Reich (Cinestate)
Samson (Pure Flix Productions)
Secret Superstar (Aamir Khan Productions)
Sex Competition 1 & 2 (Enjoy Movies)
Taking Earth (Digital Forces)
The Crew (Labyrinthe Films)
Zombiology (Creation Cabin)
I am not Ashamed (Visible Pictures (II))- Celine
Breakdown Lane (Twilight Pictures) – Kirby (lead)
Gremlin (Six Stitches Entertainment) – Anna
Die Pro (Hoofkantoor Produksies) – Jasmin
Cute Little Baggers (Great Dyne Entertainment) – Chelle
Walking With The Enemy (Castel Film Romania) – Rahel
Minor characters
Instant Death (Raging Pictures)
A Little Something for your Birthday (ETA Films)
Convenient Groom (Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II)


Spirit – Luckys großes Abenteuer – Game trailer
Director: Stephane Cornicard
Prod. Company: Sound Cuts
Agency: Voice Fox
A history oft he Roma – German Version
Damn Fine Media
Because time matters
SHOTnSTRUNG creative video production
Meditation texts
Podcast intro
Training Tutorial
SNK Studio, London
VR Video
SNK Studios, London
Research Commercial
Hogarth HQ
Galaxy Fashion Force (v.o)
VICE Deutschland GmbH (v.o.)
Swabr GmbH
Cinema Trailer (v.o.)
Universum Kinocenter