Documentary series & podcast

I suffered from Fibromyalgia and extreme fatigue for about 24 years. Today I am fully healthy. Now would like to pass on everything I’ve learned and more about health and healing to help those who are still on a journey. That’s why I create this documentary series and podcast: ‘The Puzzle Of Healing’

Besides sharing my own journey and experiences (within the kitchen-sink-psychology category) I talk to many different people, different practitioners who have great insights for different ‘puzzle pieces’ that fit within different categories such as psychology, physiology, diet, medicine (including alternative medicine) and environment. But I also talk to people who simply share their own experiences and introduce practices that can also be preventative. My category list will slowly but steadily grow, just like this hub of resources. If you have any input or you would like to be part of an episode, feel free to get in touch: 

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Here is an episode about my journey from illness to health