I am a quirky actress, a versatile voice over artist and a drama loving writer. Or in short a story-loving, playful enthusiast.

I was about 4-years old when my mother had to persuade me to go home after the play we’ve just seen. The stage had magically drawn me to it and all I wanted to do was to explore it myself. Needless to say, she won, and I got to sing the songs from the play throughout the entire car journey back home. My dream to become an actress was born!

In my primary school years, however, my teacher suspected me to become a writer, since my stories were always among the longest within the class and at the age of 11 I created and recorded my first audio drama with a friend of mine. So I guess it was pretty clear throughout my childhood what career(s) I will choose.

This is how it all continued in summary: I went to drama school in cologne, got kicked out, did some courses in acting and voice, ended up at Sigrid Andersson’s coaching centre ‚Die Tankstelle für Schauspieler‘ in Berlin, became an actress, got some lovely roles, started to build up my voice career, moved to London, studied screenwriting & producing at Regent’s University, set up a home studio, my voice career flourished since then, wrote some screenplays, had this big realisation how much I actually do love theatre and currently I am working on my first play.

And I’ve got a tick with my name people call me Sophie, but in credits I like my full name 🙂