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1. Episode:

My journey from illness to health

A big THANK YOU to Marcel Gröber who is the artist for this wonderful Icon.

In this first episode, I am talking about my own journey from illness to health.

You can either watch this video or listen to it like a podcast.

The only insert that’s important to be aware of is the translation of ‘Scharlach’ which means scarlet fever.

I hope this video opens up conversations and gives a bit of hope.

Thank you for watching.

I am talking about the heavy question: DO I SUBCONSCIOUSLY WANT TO BE ILL? And I offer input on how to face this question with kindness. It is a tough topic but from my experience a very important one. You can listen to this episode like a PODCAST, the only visual moments are gestures that support what I say and a moment of demonstration how I would hold things with my wrist when my hands got too painful. REMINDER: This video might not apply to everyone, especially if we talk about heavier illnesses this might not all be useful, but even then maybe elements from it might be. So take from the video whatever works for you and leave behind what doesn’t.