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CV Screenwriting

CV - Screenwriting

Feature Films

‚Maleyan‘ – Psychological-Thriller
This complex Nordic Noir thriller made me study screenwriting twice in order to get it right. In my third year at Regent’s University I successfully tackled it as my final project.
‚Danke für Alles‘ – Psychological-Drama
It started off as a 30min script for my University assignment. When meeting Sebastian Bruckmann we decided to shoot it as a feature. The script is now adjusted and a production company is on board.
In 2018 this story was nominated at the JETS Program of the Berlinale Filmfestival.
‚Celtae‘ – historical novel adaptation
Commissioned by Salamander Productions


‘Double Agent’ – a comedy series about climate change and activism
‚A Dream of Europe‘ – Writer’s Room with Keith Cunningham 
At the start of this project I got hired as an intern. A month later I signed a form to be a full member of the writer’s team.
‚Child’s Play‘ – Coming of Age, Comedy Series
It is a 9-parter comedy series, set in cologne Germany. This project is still in development.

Short Films

This was my final project for my BA degree. I am the writer & producer.

‚Geodesic Life‘ – Fantasy Drama

Salamander Productions & Little Grand Road

This screenplay was part of my successful scholarship application for the Regent’s University Scholarship

It also got nominated at the Cinequest Shortscript Competition 2016. Which lead to my first voluntary job as a Festival Reader in 2017.